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Local News

Seaside police are recommending prosecution in connection with June 5th fire at McDonalds.  The fire was caused when a vehicle driven by 34 year old Joseph Roy Wineman crashed into the building on the 15 hundred block of Canyon Del Rey Boulevard. The crash ruptured a gas line causing a fire that destroyed the fast food restaurant. The case has been forwarded to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office, recommending prosecution for Wineman who is alleged to have been intoxicated at the time of the incident.


The Marina Police Department is warning residents about a phone scam. An official says at least one resident was scammed out of thousand of dollars. The scammer tells residents they need to pay to avoid arrest for missing a jury summons. If you receive a phone request for money report it to your local autorities.


The Monterey County Sheriff’s SWAT team executed a search warrant on Wednesday.  The warrant was obtained due to an investigation into the theft of 10 ATM machines over the last year. Evidence was reportedly gathered at the site. At this time no arrests have been made.



The County of Santa Cruz will be hold budget hearings. The hearings will discuss a proposed 777 million dollar budget beginning on June 18th through the 26th . The public is welcome to attend. The annual meetings are a chance for County Departments to present their budgets, highlight goals and accomplishments and discuss future challenges. The meeting schedule and proposals can be viewed online at: santa cruz county.us

A known gang member was arrested by a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputy yesterday (Thurs).  A deputy patrolling Soquel Avenue pulled over Stephen Simmons at the 76 gas station. Simmons attempted to provide a false name before being positively identified. Simmons was on probation and found to be in possession of a concealed fixed blade knife, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. Simmons was arrested and booked into jail on multiple charges.




The  smoke  from  a  14-acre  Prescribed  Burn,  being  conducted  in  Henry  Cowell  Redwoods  State  Park, is  being  seen  as  far  north  as  Ben  Lomond.    The  Burn  is  being  done  in  an  area  off  of  Graham  Hill  Road near  the  campground,  and  its  part  of  the  long-term  strategy  to  reduce  the  threat  of  wildfire.    This  burn  is  also  designed  to  help  maintain the  rare  Sandhills  Habitat  in  the  area, because  it  relies  on  fire  to  maintain  a  healthy  eco-system.

The  Beaver  Fire,  burning  in  San  Benito  county,  has  burned  215  acres  and  is  now  65  percent  contained.   The wildfire  is  burning  not  far  from  where  the  airline  and  eastern  fires  burned  last week.

A  new  summer  concert  series  in  Pacific  Grove  is  scheduled  to  begin  tomorrow  evening  and  run  through  Mid-July.   The  concerts  are  being  hosted  by  the  Pacific  Grove Chamber  Of  Commerce,  and  are  slated  to  take  place  between  5:30  and  7  p.m.  both  Friday  and  Saturday  evenings.    They’ll be held  at  the  Lovers  Point  Beach  Café,  beneath  the  beach house  restaurant  at  620  Ocean  View  Boulevard.

The  full  list  of  dates  and  performers  is  on-line  at:  


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