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Local News

  • Los Padres Fire Restrictions-6/22/17-1844-PMD

    (18:50)BIG SUR-The U.S. Forest Service announced it will be implementing increased fire restrictions in Los Padres National Forest. The restrictions are in response to increasing potential for wildfires. The restrictions Read More
  • Carmel Burglary- 6/22/14-1825-PMD

    (18:38)CARMEL- A man pled guilt in connection with three separate thefts at store in Carmel. 33 Timothy Callahan year old was convicted of commercial burglary, evading police officers, and hit Read More
  • Castaneda Sentence Delayed-6/22/17-1800-pmd

    (18:06) SALINAS- Former Salinas Councilman Jose Castaneda’s sentencing has been delayed. During yesterday’s court proceedings Castaneda delayed sentencing by obtaining a new attorney. Castaneda was found guilty in May of Read More
  • Watsonville PD Officer Stationed-6/22/17-1751-PMD

    (15:56) WATSONVILLE- The Watsonville Police Department has announced a dedicated downtown officer. The department says the downtown patrol officer is expected to improve the quality of life in the area. Read More
  • Soquel Water District Notice-6/22/14-1619-PMD

    (17:21) SOQUEL- Soquel Creek Water District has released a revised Notice of Preparation (NOP) for an Environmental Impact Report. The report is for the Pure Water Soquel project. The project Read More
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Flooding, Road Closures As Heavy Rains Fall On Saturated Ground

After years of praying for rain, Santa Cruz County has had more than its fill. Looking for something to bet on now that the Super Bowl is in the past? Try betting on whether 17 will stay open!

Take A Look At Some Local Flooding

Local News

A  Marina  man  was arrested  during  a  parole  compliance  check  on  Tuesday.      35  year-old  Ronald  L  Moon,   who  is  a  convicted  felon  (and  so  is  not allowed  to  have  firearms  or  ammunition),   was  in  possession  of  more  than  3200 rounds  of  ammunition,  as  well  as  2  handguns  and  2  rifles.    He  was  booked  into  Monterey  County  Jail.

Water  therapy  classes  are  being  held  this  summer  in  Scotts  Valley.     Anyone  of  any  age,   who  has  a  disability,   is  encouraged  to  go  to  a  Scotts  Valley  Adaptive  Warm  Water  Therapy  Class  at  Siltanen  Pool  at  Vine  Hill  School.    The  pool  is  kept  at  90  degrees,  and  they  have  both  an  A-D-A  lift  and  a  sling  lift.  Classes  will  be  held  from  4:30  to  6:30  p-m  every  Friday,  starting  this  week….and  running  through  August 18th.   The  cost  for each  class  is  $5,  or  people  can  get  5  classes  for  $20.   For  more  information  call  (831)  438-3251.

Santa  Cruz  county’s  is  now  searching  for  a  new  Cannabis  Licensing  Manager.    That’s  because  the  first  one,  Dan  Peterson,  is  retiring  at  the  end  of  this  month.      Peterson  is  known  for  “fostering  a  positive  working  relationship”  with  the  Local Cannabis  Community,  as  well  as  County  Staff  and  the Santa  Cruz  County  Board  Of  Supervisors.

This  weekend,  the  city  of  Santa  Cruz  is  taking  part  in  the  California  Bye  Bye  Mattress  recycling  program.     Bye  Bye  Mattress  is  administered  by the  Mattress  Recycling  Council,  which is  a  non-profit  organization  created  by  the  mattress  industry.      Old  mattresses  and  boxsprings  can  be  dropped-off  (free  of  charge)  from  8 a.m.  until  1  p.m.  this  Saturday,   at 207  Natural  Bridges  Drive  in  west Santa  Cruz.   More  information  (on  the  Bye  Bye  Mattress  Program)  can  be  found  on-line  at:

A  man  helped  a  shark  get  back  in  the  ocean  today  at  Live  Oak  Beach.    The  shark  is  believed  to  have  been  washed  ashore  by  the  big  waves.     The  man  saw  the  shark  flailing  in  the  sand,  pulled  it  back  into  the  ocean,  and the  shark  swam  away.

Temperatures  were  reportedly well  above  100  degrees  in  Pinnacles  National Park  today.   It  was  the  6th  day of  the  recent  heat  wave.    Rangers  recommend  that  hikers  pace  themselves,  and  carry (and drink)  plenty  of  water.

The  former  Fort  Ord  is  being  used  as  a  place  to  test  ‘drones  as  delivery  vehicles’.    The  company doing  the  testing  has  a  licensing  agreement  with  the  city  of  Seaside  to  test  the unmanned  aircraft.   The drones  are  larger  than  the  standard  quadcopters,  and  use  sensors  (and  software)  to  detect  other  objects  in  the sky.  

Salinas  City  Council  members  voted  last  night  to  approve  a  “Welcoming  City”  resolution,  just 4  months  after  they  rejected  the  idea  of  being  a  Sanctuary  City.   

Stay tuned for more information on this story….

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