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Local News

A  woman  faces  vehicular  manslaughter  charges,  after  she  killed  her  husband  in  Watsonville  over  the  weekend.    46  year-old  Eugenia  Olivarez,   and  her  37  year-old  husband  Jaime  Rodriguez,   were  at  a  party  on  the  300  block  of  Manor  Avenue  when  they  got  into  a  verbal  argument.    

Olivarez  left  in  her  vehicle,   but  witnesses  said  Rodriguez  tried  to  stop  her  by  holding  onto  the  car.     When  he  fell,   he  was  hit  by  the  vehicle,  and  suffered  fatal  injuries.      

A  Greenfield  woman  was  arrested  this  morning  after  she  stabbed  a  man.      24  year-old  Oney  Martinez  Perez  was  inside  a  local  bar  when  she  started  waiving  around  a  knife,  and  then  stabbing  a  man.    He  suffered  non-life-threatening   stab-wounds   to  his  head,  upper  torso  and  arm.   Perez  was  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail,  and  she  faces  possible  charges  of  attempted  murder,    drug  and  weapon-related  charges.

A  17  year-old  was  shot  and  killed  in  Greenfield  last  night.   The  shooting  is  believed  to  have  taken  place  on  the 1-thousand  block  of  Oak  Avenue.      It  was  the  second  homicide  in  Greenfield  this  year. 

Several more credit card skimmers have been located in Gilroy.  The new skimmers were found at a Chevron station on Westwood Drive. Several weeks ago skimmers were found at a Valero station on First Street. Police are advising those that have used credit cards at these stations to check their credit card statements. Any additional victims are encouraged to call the Gilroy Police Department at 408-846-0350.



A Salinas man has been convicted for two murders in 2015. In October of 2015 25 year old Brad Azcona was captured after a 12-hour standoff with law enforcement. Azcona had been wanted for two murders and two attempted murders that took place between August 21rd and September 23rd of 2015. On Friday he was found guilty of two counts of 1st degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, attempted robbery, negligent discharge of a firearm, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. A special circumstance was included for multiple murders.




A UC Santa Cruz undergraduate student has been arrested on one charge of felony arson.  18 year old Ryan Recalde was taken into custody after he allegedly burned a poster at a multicultural college dorm’s third floor last week. Recalde is also believed to be  responsible for several other similar incidents. Investigators say the arson falls  just short of hate crime statutes. Recalde is being held in lieu of 25 thousand dollars bail.

Beginning January 1ST the cannabis cultivation tax and excise tax will take effect.  Cannabis businesses will be responsible for new tax rates and how they apply to their business activities. The current cultivation tax rates are 9.25 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis flowers, and 2.75 per dry-weight ounce of cannabis leaves. Retailers will be responsible for collecting the cannabis excise tax at the time of the retail sale and for paying the tax to the distributor, who reports and pays the cannabis excise tax to the CDTFA. For complete information visit: cdtfa.ca.gov.


Harbor officials are announcing one way traffic controls.  The control will take place in the construction zone of East Cliff Drive from 5th to 7th Avenue. Motorists  will need to use 7th Avenue North to Eaton Street, to Lake Avenue to access the parking area and businesses near the Crow’s Nest. The traffic will be restored to normal by April 2018.


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