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Local News

Free trolley tours of the Santa Cruz Recycling Center and Wastewater Treatment Facility are being offered this week by the city as a part of National Public Works Week. The recycling center tour shows what happens to the tons of recycled material each year and the treatment facility tour will show how 7 million gallons of wastewater are treated daily. Tours begin at noon and trolleys depart from the southwest corner of Lincoln and Cedar streets.

Aptos residents can expect traffic delays on Clubhouse Drive between St. Andrews Drive and the lower section of Seascape Golf Course because of a construction project. From May 29 to June 18, delays up to 15 minutes of are expected between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The construction is part of a water main replacement project by the Soquel Creek Water District. More information can be found at www.sccroadclosure.org.

Truck traffic at the intersection of Highway 1 and Rio Road will continue to be high this week as crews continue construction vehicles continue to cross every five to 10 minutes. The project is part of the Highway 1 climbing lane project. Drivers looking to avoid the intersection can detour through Carmel Valley Road and Carmel Rancho Boulevard. For information, call 831-755-5025.

How a state-mandated groundwater management plan will affect private well owners in Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley is the focus of a May 31 meeting. The Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency is hosting the meeting to talk about how the state plan impacts private well owners and how owners can voice their concerns.   The meeting runs from 7 to 9 p.m. on May 31 in the Santa Margarita Community Room at the Scotts Valley Water District on 2 Civic Center Drive in Scotts Valley.

Students  from  Monterey  Peninsula  College’s  Green  Building  Design  course  expect  to  present  information  on  a  ‘tiny  house  village’  for  the  Veterans  Transition  Center  this  week.    They’ll  be  showing  their  proposed  design  plans  for  a  “pocket  house”  that  can  be  moved  around,  from  1-3  p.m.  Wednesday  at  the  M.P.C.  Art  Gallery.  The  hope  is  that  these  pocket  houses  can  be  used  to  house  veterans  in  transition (who  would  otherwise  be  homeless)  in  a  low-cost,  sustainable,  housing  community  on  designated  vacant  land  in  the  city  of  Marina.

Due  to  recent  vegetation  fires  in  San  Benito  and  Monterey  counties,  all  Burn  Permits  have  been  suspended  in  the  state  and  local  responsibility  areas  (that  are  under   contract  with  Cal-Fire  in  both  counties).   That  bans  all  residential  burning  of  landscape  debris,  including  leaves  and  branches.  Statewide,  Cal Fire and firefighters have already responded to more  than  950 wildfires,  that have burned over 5800-acres since January  1st .    More  information  on  how  to  prepare  for,  and  prevent,  wildfires  can  be  found  on-line  at:


Progress  has  been  made  in  3  homicide  cases  that  took  place  between  2006  and  this  January  in  south  Monterey  county.   A  warrant  has  been  issued  for   Noel  Palaez  Valentin,  who  is  believed to  have  been  the  man  who  fatally  stabbed  21  year-old  Jose  Cruz  Rojas  in  King City  on  February  23rd  of  2006;    on July  5th  of  2007  42  year-old  Martin  Macareno  was  found  lying  on  his  King  City  garage  floor  with  fatal  injuries;  and  a  3-thousand  dollar  reward  is  being  offered  for  information  leading  to  the  arrest  and  conviction  of  the  person  (or  people)  who  killed  16  year-old  Luis  Cuevas,  who  was shot and killed January 4th,  on the 1000 block of Oak Street in King  City.

3  men  were  arrested  this  morning  in  connection  with  an  April  7th  shooting  in  Salinas.     The  shooting  occurred  on  the  600  block  of  Towt  Street.     19  year-old Jimmy  Aquirre  and  Miguel  Jimenez,  and  25  year-old  Mark  Anthony  Valenzuela,  have  been  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail.     All  3  face  charges  of  Attempted  MurderConspiracy,  and  Gang  Enhancements.

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