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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we would like to know how our KSCO family celebrates. Some people are traditionalists and make sure family recipes that have been cooked year after year are on the table. More and more, there are groups changing up the menus to feature locally available food. Some groups are using the Thanksgiving holiday to cook foods from their own traditional backgrounds and cultures. One common ingredient most all of us share on our tables is that we all love to be surrounded by family and friends. So, how will you be celebrating this year? Please cast your vote on this fun holiday poll, and be sure to tell us what you will be having on your table.

Traditional Meal - 28%
Traditonal Meal With Some Twists - 12%
Elaborate Meal From a Diffferent Culture - 0%
Will Not Be Celebrating - 58%
Shopping Or Watching Football - 2%