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This website is a quick and easy path to advertising on KSCO and/or KOMY Radio Stations.

Choose any of the below options and you will be contacted shortly by a member of our staff:

Commercial Spot Announcements: 30 second and 60 second lengths
30 Second Spot Cost: $30
60 Second Spot Cost: $50 ($60 In Rush)

Commercial Spot Options

Quantity Discounts Available: Purchase 100x60 Second Spots For $3500 Prepaid (30% to 58% Savings)

Program Sponsorship Billboards: 15 second length Cost $30 to $75 per billboard depending on program/report sponsored.

Program Sponsorship Options

Block or "Bulk" Program Purchase: (Host Your Own Show On KSCO or KOMY) KSCO
Daytime Rate: $500
KSCO Nighttime Rate: $300;
KOMY Daytime Rate:$250
KOMY Nighttime Rate: $125

Includes Engineer For Show And Use Of Phone System Excluding Long Distance.

Block or "Bulk" Program Options

Premium Ten Minute Morning Or Afternoon Commute Show Segments Available At $250 Each During Commute Programs (Good Morning Monterey Bay M-F 6a to 9a And Flight 1080 M-F 4p to 7P)

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For advertising inquiries contact:

Michael Zwerling

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 831-475-1080

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