A Special Message To KGO Listeners, from KSCO Owner Michael Zwerling

"The abrupt firing of some of the finest talent in the talk radio industry by the new clueless corporate suits at KGO last Friday is an indication of two things:

KSCO extends invitations to all displaced KGO hosts to come to a station owned and operated by HUMANS with good hearts, good souls, and diverse personalities and perspectives-- not by cold corporate weasels and bean counters.

One of those hosts, Dr. Bill Wattenburg, has graciously accepted our invitation; let's see what the others will do.

Join us on the next KSCO Special for a stimulating discussion of this unprecedented talk radio drama, possibly with some of the players in attendance, this Saturday 10 AM to 12 Noon, right here on still proudly a voice for everyone radio AM 1080 KSCO."