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Local News

  • 101 Pile-Up-1/25/20-1121-PMD

    A multiple car pile up closed both southbound lanes of Highway 101 in San Martin on Friday. According to the CHP traffic was diverted to frontage roads while 10 vehicles Read More
  • Projectile arrest UPDATE-1/24/20-1625-PMD

    The Monterey County District Attorney's Office has officially charged the man suspected in the highway 101 vehicle attacks. 52 year old Charles Kenneth Lafferty has been charged with nine felony Read More
  • Rail Trail Groundbreaking Party 1.24.2020 1100 js

    The Groundbreaking party for a new rail-and-trail is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). Sally Arnold, chair for Friends of the Rail and Trail (FORT) told KSCO more about what this special Read More
  • Wet Wipes Clogging Pipes 1.24.2020 1030 js

    On Thursday, The California Legislature advanced a bill that would require manufacturers of toiletries such as wet wipes to have clear labeling of “nonwoven disposable products”. This bill was introduced Read More
  • RTC Open House Announced 1.13.2020 0850 js

    The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission has announced two open house (public) meetings where community members can share input on the Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis. This study commenced last Read More
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Show Talk

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Has Christmas lost its Sacred Spirit? Celebrating the birth of Jesus has given many people a good reason to visit family, enjoy in warm family traditions and of course, shop! Has Commercialism taken over the spirit of Christmas? Or can the two co-exist?

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New legislation in Texas, dubbed the “Merry Christmas Law,” allows public school students and teachers to dress in Christmas-themed clothes and greet each other with the saying “Merry Christmas.” The law, backed by social conservative groups who say they want to fend off the political correctness, also covers Hanukkah. The “Merry Christmas Law” will allow students and teachers to sing songs, and put up trees and other decorations, as long as their actions don’t encourage adherence to particular beliefs. The law was approved almost unanimously by the Texas legislature earlier this year. Should more states enact such a law to protect these traditions? Or should religion be kept out of schools to protect separation of church and state?

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