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Local News

  • Salinas Pot Robbery-7/15/18-645-PMD

    Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a home invasion style robbery of a cannabis dispensary near Salinas. Authorities say that up to 6 assailants invaded the operation near the intersection Read More
  • Salinas 11th Homicide-7/15/18-621-PMD

    Salinas police are investigating the city’s 11th homicide of the year. Shortly after 5 p.m. on Friday the departments shot spotter system alerted patrol units of a shooting at East Read More
  • Oregon Woman Found Alive-7/15/18-1111-PMD

    An Oregon woman reported missing over a week ago has been found alive. 23 year old Angela Hernandez was reported missing on July 6th after failing to check in with Read More
  • Hollister 187 Suspect-7/13-18-1601-PMD

    A man suspected of 2014 homicide in Hollister is now in custody. Jose Barajas is wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of 18 year old Ariana Zendejas in August Read More
  • Sick Bobcats-7/13/18-1559-PMD

    According to Wildlife Emergency Services (WES) a high number of sick bobcats are being located in Santa Cruz County. Wildlife photographs of the animals indicate a skin condition brought on Read More
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Join hosts Dave Michaels and Thomas Hughes for 2 humorous hours of all the week's top news. Remember, if you heard it on "The Week in Review," then it must be true. Unless you're calling us liars. Are you calling us liars?

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Biggest Headline This Week: Democratic National Convention

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