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On today's show:

Helbard showed up in his make-up magic to bring us flavored ammo to dress up our vodquila cocktails and prepare us for tacos or beer and http://www.linksthatstink.com 

Chef Jamie Smith spoke to Rosie about how to make delectable lettuce wraps:


Guest Host Bill Graff spoke to CHP Public Officer Bradley Sadek about the end of summer, traffic during back to school, and how to be a safe driver on the road.

Good Morning Monterey Bay, August 27 2014, Podcast and Highlights:

6:15 News and Current Events with Rosie and Rick
6:25 Rocky's Surf Report
6:38 Battle of the Sex
7:12 Helbard's Links that Stink
7:35 Good News
7:45 Chef Jamie Smith
8:15 Book Reviews with Jeff Galipeaux
8:35 PIO CHP Officer Bradley Sadek

Hour 1:


Hour 2:


Hour 3:


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