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On today's Show:

Harbor High School Senior Georgina Bailey chatted with Rosie about the appropriateness of the Bible as literature, Summer homework, and the first week of school.

Alasdair Fraser spoke to Rosie about Scottish Independence and the Valley of the Moon Fiddle School concert this Friday at the SC Civic, 8pm.

Rosie spoke to Karen Calcagno about end of life estate planning concerning both personal and professional life.

State Senator Bill Monning spoke to Rosemary about the Napa earthquake, insurance, and water bonds legislation.

Executive Director of Alliance of Aging Theresa Sullivan and Artistic Director Susan Gibbons of the Trashion 2014 spoke to Rosie about the Alliance on Aging, the services they offer, and their Trashion Benefit: 


Good Morning Monterey Bay, August 26 2014, Podcast and Highlights:

6:15 News and Current Events with Rosie and Rick
6:25 Rocky's Surf Report
6:38 Battle of the Sexes
6:45 High School Senior Georgina Bailey
7:15 Scottish Fiddler Alastair Fraser
7:35 Good News
7:45 Santa Cruz SCORE with Karen Calcagno
8:15 State Senator Bill Monning
8:35 Theresa Sullivan and Susan Gibbons for Trashion 2014 to benefit Alliance on Aging

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:


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