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  • Is There A War On Men?

    On November 30th, on KSCO Presents Georgia, Georgia tackled the question of the treatment of Men in contemporary society. Georgia described herself as an "anti-feminist" and cites several statistics demonstrating Read More
  • "GO F**K YOURSELF!!" Screamed The Tolerant Liberals

    After being snarked at by some gutless hecklers, Alex ruminates on the lack of intellectual honesty when hyperbole replaces frank discussion. Your opinion matters. Please leave a comment bellow. Read More
  • Poll: Is Donald Trump A Racist?

    A racist is a person who believes in the superiority or inferiority of another race. While many point to the President Elect's immigration policies as being racially motivated, others point Read More
  • Michael Moore Makes The Case For Trump?

    An unlikely voice of support, Left Wing documentary film maker and activist Michael Moore's candid explanation of the Trump phenomenon is so spot on, it has been picked up as Read More
  • Charles Freedman's Election 2016 Recommendations

    Candidates President/Vice President: Trump-Pence US Senate: Loretta Sanchez US Representative: Casey Lucius State Senate: Palmer Kain State Assembly: Anna Caballero PVUSD Board area 2: Georgia Acosta Propositions (aptly named...) 51: Read More
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On today's Program:

UCSC PhD candidate Martin Rizzo spoke to Rosemary about legacy of Jose Vicente deLaveaga:

Jose Vicente deLaveaga, a native of Mexico, received business training in Germany before permanently settling with his parents in San Francisco in 1868. He was 24. He was a shrewd businessman, he spoke five languages and he acquired properties in San Francisco, Contra Costa, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties.

Santa Cruz was a favorite discovery, reminding him of his coastal hometown of Rosario, 40 miles south of Mazatlan. When he and his parents first visited Santa Cruz in the 1870s, they boarded at Andrew Trust's house on Lincoln Street, bringing their servants and doing their own cooking. They eventually made their local headquarters in the Joseph Pierrugues residence at Pacific and Maple streets.


Rosie spoke with the head of the Santa Cruz Water Department Rosemary Menard about Santa Cruz water policies during the drought, UCSC expansion, and water school:


Mandy Hart was in the studio with her little canine friend, Sasun, who needs a new home:

Main Shelter

Tues thru Fri: 11-6
Sat & Sun: 11-5
*Closed Mondays*

2685 Chanticleer Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: (831) 465-5000
Fax: (831) 479-8530





Good Morning Monterey Bay, August 25 2014, Podcast and Highlights:

6:15 News and Current Events with Rosie and Rick
6:25 Rocky's Surf Report
6:38 Battle of the Sexes
6:45 UCSC Graduate Student Martin Rizzo
7:35 Good News
7:45 Sports Pub
8:15 Santa Cruz Water Department Director Rosemary Menard
8:35 SPCA's Mandy Hart
8:45 Ag Report with Michael Olson

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Hour 3:


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