Dave Michaels And Jack Stein Talk Youngevity


If you turn on this fascinating discussion between two of KSCO's most popular hosts on everything from their favorite products to the relationship of good nutrition to good health, you won't be able to turn it off!

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Food Chain Radio News
Urban Farming Agriculture
    Food Chain Radio Host Michael Olson
       #936 •  September 14, 2013  •  Sat 9AM Pacific
Guests:  Professor Marion Nestle

For whom should we vote to lead us to good eating?
Fortunately, this is an off year, which means there are no major elections to distract us from considering the politics of food.

(Of course, we could discuss the politics of food in an election year, but then our considerations would be hardened by you being on one side of the fence, me on the other, and the both of us would be throwing apples across the fence at each other!)

So here we are, with no apples in hand, nor any political fence to divide us, to calmly discuss how to vote for someone, or something, to lead us to the eating of good food.

Given the number of diets we engage in, the number of times we engage in those diets, and the fact that we keep getting bigger and bigger, and requiring more and more medical care, its plain to see we need someone to lead the way.  Should we vote for Democrats?  Should we vote for Republicans? Or, should we vote for something else?

For whom should we vote to lead us to good food?

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